Q1: Is your brother tall? “No, _____ isn’t.”

  • a. he
  • b. it
  • c. they

Q2: They live in Oxford. _____ address is 34, Charles Street.

  • a. Their
  • b. His
  • c. Her

Q3: They _____ to the radio at the moment.

  • a. A.’re listening
  • b. listened
  • c. listen

Q4: What _____ next weekend?

  • a. are you going
  • b. are you going to do
  • c. do you do

Q5: This is _____ old film. Have you seen it?

  • a. a
  • b. an
  • c. the

Q6: I _____ to the USA.

  • a. ’ve never been
  • b. am never been
  • c. was never

Q7: I’m five years older _____ my sister.

  • a. that
  • b. than
  • c. more

Q8: She _____ to work yesterday because she was ill.

  • a. doesn’t go
  • b. didn’t going
  • c. didn’t go

Q9: I _____ at the moment because I’m on holiday.

  • a. ’m not working
  • b. don’t work
  • c. not work

Q10: I always _____ a shower before breakfast.

  • a. am having
  • b. have
  • c. has

Q11: They _____ burgers. They had fish and chips.

  • a. didn’t have
  • b. don’t have
  • c. didn’t had

Q12: Who _____ your favourite singers?

  • a. be
  • b. are
  • c. is

Q13: Let’s order a pizza. We don’t have ________ to cook for dinner.

  • a. nothing
  • b. anything
  • c. something

Q14: A key is a thing ________ you use to open doors.

  • a. who
  • b. where
  • c. which

Q15: I need some advice. What ________ do?

  • a. I must
  • b. should I
  • c. could

Q16: That case is too heavy for you. I ________ you.

  • a. ’ll help
  • b. help
  • c. ’m going to help

Q17: What ________ you do if she doesn’t reply to your email?

  • a. will
  • b. would
  • c. do

Q18: He ________ invite them to dinner if he didn’t want them to come.

  • a. won’t
  • b. not
  • c. wouldn’t

Q19: You’re from Italy, ________?

  • a. are you
  • b. isn’t you
  • c. aren’t you

Q20: Can you tell me where ________?

  • a. is the Park Hotel
  • b. the Park Hotel is
  • c. be the Park Hotel

Q21: This castle ________ in 1600.

  • a. built
  • b. was built
  • c. was build

Q22: They ________ the house if they’d known about the noisy neighbours.

  • a. wouldn’t have bought
  • b. hadn’t bought
  • c. wouldn’t buy

Q23: I’d love to ________ speak better French – I’ve been studying the language for five years now.

  • a. be able
  • b. able to
  • c. be able to

Q24: Helen told me she ________ to Rome the following weekend.

  • a. ’s travelling
  • b. was travelling
  • c. will travel

Q25: They ________ have a lot of money. They go on very exotic holidays every year.

  • a. must
  • b. may
  • c. might